How it Works

Engraved Prints and Personal Messages

All of our keepsakes are customizable, some more than others. Each piece is customized with a print type (fingerprint, pet print, etc.) and optionally engraved on the back with a personal message. Print icons accompany each item in our catalog to indicate the applicable print types. One and two line engraved personal messages are available on most items.

Print Type Icons

Uploading Your Print

We make uploading prints easy-peasy. After you’ve ordered the piece you want, you can customize it accordingly. Simply take a clear photo using your phone (no app required) and upload it with your order—or upload it later, after you’ve had a chance to take the proper photo (instructions will be included with your order receipt)...and don’t worry, we’ll remind you to send it! The sooner we receive your print photo, the sooner we can create your keepsake and ship to you. Although we do not provide engraving proofs, our design team reviews all print photos for quality assurance and will reach out if they have quality concerns.

View our tips for taking a great print photo.